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November 16, 2012

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Veterans tribute

For the fourth year, the veterans of St. Anthony’s Parish in Lawrence were treated to a morning of reverence and respect. It was filled with blessings for the veterans and remembrance of what they did to free us from oppression. It began with a liturgy with the procession of our veterans led by Msgr. Peter Azar and Subdeacon James Demers. The Knights of Columbus acted as guards from God to protect our veterans. The entrance music was “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” and the exit music was “God Bless America.” Both brought tears to our parishioners. A breakfast in honor and memory of our veterans in the church hall culminated the event. Thank you to the committee who once again gave us a day to remember in honoring and in memory to all our veterans. It was wonderful.


I’m a native, born and raised for most of my life in New Jersey. I’ve worked in both law-enforcement and 911 professions down there. I now live in Massachusetts. I read an article in The Eagle-Tribune that talked about Verizon and other companies, along with Mass. State Police and other fellow agencies, sending some of their employees to the New Jersey-New York areas to help the victims. No words can express the depth of my thanks and appreciation to each of those volunteers involved in that effort, who have temporarily left their own families to help those in desperate need down there.

Second-hand weed

I’m confused. For years they criticized tobacco usage because of second-hand smoke. What is the difference if they legalize the usage of marijuana? What about infants and young children inhaling the smoke from marijuana?

Good work

Nice article about the groups Rolling Thunder and Patriot Guard. They do a lot of good work. It should be noted, however, that other veterans groups do a lot also. Examples are the VFW, Amvets and the American Legion. Kudos to all.

Traffic light

Has anyone else noticed that the traffic light at the corner of Oak Street and Pleasant Valley Street in Methuen is 90 degrees out of position? Instead of facing McDonald’s, it faces west up Pleasant Valley Street. Someone please fix it.


With our whole country in disarray with the bridges, roads, buildings needing to be built or repaired, one of the political parties wants to lower our taxes. Is there another way to raise billions to do this work that we don’t know about?

Guard rail

As I was walking on the new sidewalks in Bradford, I approached a slight curve with a guard rail. The guard rail is in a position not to prevent a pedestrian from being hit by an out-of-control car, but instead a pedestrian would be hit by an out-of-control car and crushed into the guard rail. Logic and common sense I think would dictate that the guard rail is in front of the sidewalk preventing cars from hitting pedestrians walking, as opposed to the other side of the sidewalk. Maybe an engineer who designs the positioning of guard rails could explain the reasoning behind this decision?