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November 28, 2012

Sound Off

Counting money

Shame on all the Republican politicians who are beholden to Grover Norquist and his pledge system. That means Republicans care more about a lobbyist with power than their duty and pledge to the people of the United States, so rich Americans can sit in a corner and greedily count their money.

Costs rising

It seems that 15 years ago, the MBTA charged $3 and offered free parking on weekends. Now it is $10 and $4 dollars to park. This was much higher than the cost of living increase and also much higher than wages went up during this time. It is not just the MBTA doing this. Rents, utilities, food, gas and other necessities of life keep going up and wages do not. Each time something goes up, it is like a cut in your pay. That is how the middle class is being all but eliminated — and you can take that to the bank.

Morally corrupt

Yet another Obama supporter has committed blasphemy lately with his painting of the president as the crucified Christ. Is there no end to the lengths Obama supporters will go to show how much they despise Christianity? They are in a war they cannot win. Their moral corruption will be their undoing.

Our future

Yes, the caller is right. Obama will be with us four more years — as a public servant, not a god or dictator. He is only a part of our federal government and also must adhere to our checks and balances. As usual someone has to make it about the person. I am out of work, have a family and make money where I can. I find it very easy to count my money as the caller suggests and I owe it to the last four years. The people have spoken — unfortunately not all of us have been heard in the presidential race especially in Massachusetts. Other branches of the government fortunately allow us to still have a voice to in our country’s future.

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