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November 29, 2012

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — The best

After seeing the Boston Celtics beat Oklahoma City, the best team in the West, I’m now convinced that the Celtics and the Miami Heat are the two best teams in the league. Too bad they’re in the same division.

Birth rates

I can’t believe what I read in The Eagle-Tribune. In the Reagan years, 18 percent of births were to single mothers. Today, the rate is over 50 percent. Wow, we’ll be supporting those women and babies and probably more to come for the next 50 years. No wonder the country is broke.

Pricey trees

Our family went to a Christmas tree farm to cut a tree. We were told the price was $70. Whoa! For that price, we can get an artificial tree, already decorated, that will last a lifetime.

Fine art

I can’t believe that a so-called artist at Bunker Hill Community College has a painting of Obama on the cross. There is no way you could depict Obama as a Muslim character but again we see that you can walk all over Christianity. Come on, Obama has nothing in common with Jesus Christ. Nothing.

Out of town

Regarding the installation of the new floor at Central Station in Methuen: Why not get someone from Methuen to do the work? Why are they always picking someone from out of town? The prices to do the jobs should be the same. There goes our tax money.

Lower taxes

With the surplus in the budget in Lawrence, it is time to help the taxpayers in Lawrence who created it by lowering their taxes.


My opinion on the state lottery: I go to a number of stores and I see that there are no winners anymore. I’m all for helping the state but they don’t give any money back to the people. Winners are few and far between. I wish people could stop and they could give some money back because it seems like they’re always taking.

Actual cuts

I’d like to know when our president is going to step up and be a true leader and propose an actual cut to deal with the fiscal cliff. Taxing the rich is not going to cover it all so we need to makes some actual cuts. One would be to start dealing with illegal aliens and all the money they soak up.

Just wait

You people were so happy to get Obama in office again. Well, wait until you see all the taxes this guy is going to bring to the table. You are not going to be able to live in this country anymore.

On the run

About the young couple who went on the run after they dropped off their son. I can’t understand how they could do that — just go off and leave him — and how they could inflict the injuries that they did.


I’d like to know under what authority Deval Patrick is giving my tax money to illegal immigrants. He’s giving them in-state tuition. He’s giving them $270 million worth of benefits a year. All these liberal do-gooders giving money to people who shouldn’t even be here. You ought to be ashamed.