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December 9, 2012

Sound Off

Happy hunting

To those out there who feel the need to bash hunters: Allow me to let you in on a few FACTS. Each year hunters through taxes and fees contribute nearly $200 million that is distributed to state agencies for wildlife management. Proceeds from duck stamps have purchased more than 5 million acres of habitat for migratory birds and other wildlife species. I do not know what the anti-hunting people contribute other than venom, but I do know that while you are sitting in your suburban cul de sac you should think hard about the chainsaws and bulldozers that made your comfortable home, also destroyed the homes and killed the offspring of more wild animals than all the hunters

combined. Although I have been wished a miserable Christmas by some of you, I wish you all a Merry Christmas, and when you see a deer feeding or an eagle soaring above you can thank a hunter that those animals have a place to live.

Pays to advertise

The state has given the green light, based on local approval to have up to six monster billboards per mile on highways, because the state found they don’t distract drivers. Companies buy ads on those billboards because they do distract drivers. That’s why companies spend a fortune to place ads on them. Billboards were restricted on some federal highways by legistation passed in September 1965. The federal restrictions didn’t work. On highways at that time, there were 330,000 billboards; in 2000 there were 450,000.

Neighborhood watch

Congratulations to the residents of Haverhill who got another drug dealer out of their neighborhood! The lesson learned here is they are so brazen to think they can intimidate you into thinking you are helpless in stopping them. They have proven the way. You are the eyes and ears of the police. Protect yourself from their threats by having all your neighbors collect important information, like times, dates, plate numbers, vehicle info and descriptions on a weekly basis. This is collected and passed on to the police. Continue this basic plan until the police have a pattern to investigate and execute. Work with only neighbors you can trust. This will improve the quality of life for any neighborhood.

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