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November 21, 2013

Sound Off

Drop a dime

To the “Out of state” caller who has been sending emails to the Haverhill Police Department to no avail regarding vehicles illegally registered in New Hampshire, I would recommend submitting the vehicle make, color and registration number to the I PAY TAX hotline run by MassDOT. If you prefer, you can download the form from the I PAY TAX MassDOT website, fill it out and mail it to the MassDOT Boston address listed on the form. Or you can call the confidential hotline directly at 1-800-472-9829 and report the violation. The state has more available resources to catch tax scofflaws and they will definitely investigate and produce results when warranted.

Free adoption?

Could the high fees be the reason people try to just take an animal from the MSPCA? Maybe folks who truly want to adopt a homeless animal and give them a great loving home just can’t afford the MSPCA fees. Think it would be better to allow free adoptions and ask for donations? I know there are operating cost to be dealt with but, isn’t the MSPCA’s mission to find homes for these poor animals? Isn’t reducing the number of animals they have to care for a cost saver?

Web of deception

So now it is revealed the unemployment numbers have been manipulated to deceive, once again, the American people. President Obama and his administration deceived and cheated to get re-elected, with Benghazi, the IRS, the NSA, unemployment rates, Syria, Seal Team 6 and Obamacare. This administration has disgraced our great country with this unprecedented and insurmountable deception. America has made an unrecoverable mistake re-electing this con man and fraud. Recent polls indicate if the election were held today Mitt Romney would win by 5 points. If only we could go back and correct this most disastrous re-election.

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