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November 21, 2013

Letter: Church must follow God's laws, not the world's

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — To the editor:

One day at Canobie Lake Park, one of the ride attendants would not let a child on a certain ride because he was too small. The parents went on to scream at the attendant, but the attendant stood firm and told them those are the rules and she needed to follow them for safety sake. Obviously, the parents thought differently. Was this family being discriminated against because of size? I bring this simple analogy up in response to the letter “United Methodists must end discriminatory policies” from the Rev. James G. Todd published Tuesday.

If you are a believer in the word of God, then there are also rules and standards that the Lord has given us to follow. That is why it surprised me to see that a pastor would officiate at the marriage of a same-sex couple, and it surprised me to see a retired pastor writing to defend this.

I wonder if the pastors would marry a 22-year-old and a 15-year-old because, after all, they are in “love,” or would they discriminate because of age? Would they marry three individuals who came in because they “loved” more than one person or would they discriminate because of numbers? But it’s all in the name of “love” isn’t it? Lines are drawn everyday.

Yes, God’s love is available to everyone and, yes, Jesus would not condemn but would ask people to turn from doing wrong, turn away from their sins, deny self and take up the cross daily. If you do not follow or believe in God’s word then why would you want to get married in a church that follows God’s word? God has defined what marriage is in the Bible. I would think that pastors who are supposed to be following God’s word would speak the truth in love and not try to change it because it is unpopular today. Are you willing to step all over God’s rules to go with what this world says is right or wrong? Is God being discriminatory?

The two Methodist pastors do not have a problem with the church, they have a problem with God Himself. God’s moral laws do not change. All through the Bible, God has shown what happens when people fail to follow his moral laws and today we are seeing what happens when we do not follow God’s moral laws. Just look at how families are suffering because of promiscuity, sex before marriage, single parenting and no-fault divorce. They are falling apart.

The Christian church in general has already fallen away from God in many ways, trying so hard, it seems, to look like the world. No, the church does not need to change by accepting same-sex marriage, the church needs to follow God’s moral laws more closely and stop following the world.

Angela Hewett

Salem, N.H.