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June 8, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Impeach him

In 2008, Barack Obama promised his regime — sorry, administration — would be the most transparent ever. Today we find out the feds have been spying on our phone calls — Verizon has been giving the feds your phone records. We have the Fast and Furious gun scandal, which involved trafficking guns to Mexican drug lords and resulted in the death of one border agent and hundreds of Mexican citizens. The feds have been spying on the Associated Press. There are the four dead Americans in what is beginning to appear as a botched kidnapping attempt of our ambassador to gain the release of the “Blind Sheik” responsible for the first attack on the twin towers. It also appears the regime ordered the targeting of conservative groups and Romney contributors by the IRS. When is this president going to be impeached? Nixon was for much less.

Why no tribute?

In the past, many of the comic strips gave some kind of tribute on Memorial Day. This time, with the exception of “Blondie,” there was not one mention of Memorial Day in any strip. I’m disappointed and sad that this special day has lost its meaning.

Bad to worse

Traffic heading north on South Main Street in Bradford on a weekday with school in session is always a challenge. You have the crossing guard at Sacred Hearts School stopping traffic at will, causing huge backups beyond Bradford Common. Today, the new traffic lights in Central Square were working, making things even worse. There has to be a better way to keep the traffic flowing.

Please keep her

Everyone you talk to in Plaistow says our director of the library, who resigned, is the best ever and has been such an asset to our town. Something is tremendously wrong when something of this nature has occurred. Please, trustees, find a way to get her to stay. She has made our library a special place of smiles and has done so much to bring our library into this millennium. We love her. We need her.

Send IRS here

I know: Let the government take President Obama’s 16,000 new IRS agents and send them to Massachusetts to ferret out all the frauds. It sounds as if they will need an army of investigators for this massive undertaking. Let them leave no stone unturned.


Do Haverhill leaders have any clue as to the traffic nightmare they’ve caused by activating those lights on Route 125 near Rite Aid? They obviously didn’t think this thing through very well.

Stupid rule

Do you think if one of the president’s or vice president’s children needed a lung transplant or would die within a few weeks, that child would be denied one because of a rule about adult vs. children’s waiting lists? I really don’t think so. What a shame, poor little kid!

Lots of loopholes

Funny a few days ago, I read in the paper that the rich paid their fair share of taxes; two days later there was an article about how the wealthy have more loopholes when it comes to taxes than we can imagine. So now the question is not do they pay their fair share, the question is do the rich pay taxes with all these loopholes?