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June 8, 2013

Sound Off


Send IRS here

I know: Let the government take President Obama’s 16,000 new IRS agents and send them to Massachusetts to ferret out all the frauds. It sounds as if they will need an army of investigators for this massive undertaking. Let them leave no stone unturned.


Do Haverhill leaders have any clue as to the traffic nightmare they’ve caused by activating those lights on Route 125 near Rite Aid? They obviously didn’t think this thing through very well.

Stupid rule

Do you think if one of the president’s or vice president’s children needed a lung transplant or would die within a few weeks, that child would be denied one because of a rule about adult vs. children’s waiting lists? I really don’t think so. What a shame, poor little kid!

Lots of loopholes

Funny a few days ago, I read in the paper that the rich paid their fair share of taxes; two days later there was an article about how the wealthy have more loopholes when it comes to taxes than we can imagine. So now the question is not do they pay their fair share, the question is do the rich pay taxes with all these loopholes?

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