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June 10, 2013

Letter: We want the truth, Mr. Schram

To the editor:

A rebuttal to the June 6 column by Martin Schram entitled “Scandal chatter drowns out best and worst news”: We are onto you, Mr. Schram. The blatant unlawfulness and the disregard for its citizens, both home and abroad, by the Obama administration are not mere “scandal soaps,” as you choose to describe them.

The federal government has attacked the rule of law and freedom itself, and it is the job of the forces on the left, including yourself, to divert attention from this.

In regard to the IRS, this was not mismanagement. It was a well executed plan.

In 2010, the tea party was unorganized, had no specific leader and was merely a conglomeration of concerned ordinary citizens.

And yet it hit the 2010 elections like a whirlwind and returned the House of Representatives to the Republicans.

The tea party posed a similar threat to Obama and the leftist agenda in 2012.

So it had to be dealt with. And its supporters, sponsors and donors had to be shown that there was a price to be paid for opposing Obama’s leftist project.

This was not a mistake, nor a failure of management. And it was not incompetence. It was a well orchestrated attack on citizens perceived as a threat to the Obama mission.

This is not a banana republic, Mr. Schram.

Freedom is in our DNA. And as we have seen in the ongoing investigations, this assault on liberty may have been directed right from the top. And as we have seen from your article, it is your intention to prevent this revelation.

Wayne Matthews


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