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June 10, 2013

Letter: We risk losing our hard-won freedoms

To the editor:

We Americans have many different respected points of view; that is what makes us a diverse country.

Freedom of speech should always be upheld, and books should not be censored or burned because we disagree with the content. This is what happened in many countries. The Russian Communist Party in 1919 and the German Socialist Nazi Party in 1938 closed society to free speech and took away the citizens’ right to own guns.

Their party rules cost millions of people their lives. The people had no rights. It took two world wars to change that, but socialist Europe still has too many controls over its people.

We must realize that our country is in danger of being controlled by left-wing,socialist liberals whose never-ending controls on our freedoms kill free enterprise and promote liberal, progressive government mandates and restrictive programs.

America is at a turning point in 2013. Will we restore our movement to freedom and a great future for all people or move to a socialist world domination in the next four years?

Presently, those in control of the presidency and Senate in Washington, D.C., enact destructive government policies and mandate laws on all hardworking people, including abusing the IRS or the U.S. Justice Department to put citizens on an enemy list for harmless, patriotic free speech. This big government has gone too far! Will the American people allow it to determine our future, from the cradle to the grave, and destroy America’s free enterprise system, our freedom of speech and freedom to assemble?

Our brave veterans who served our country would say, No! We must maintain freedom of religion and freedom of speech as our stated rights in the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. Let no president or group abridge these rights! Stand up, America. Freedom is not free.

Ed Brooks

Salem, N.H.

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