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June 10, 2013

Sound Off

Defending police OT

Well it has started again, the public squawking because the cops make a lot of overtime pay. Business does the same thing, and no one notices it. They will tell you it is cheaper to pay the overtime than to hire more help because then they are committed to pay Social Security, pension, health insurance, etc. People holler because they pay taxes. But do they realize they also pay when they purchase a product? For example, that executive who got $50 million this year from the insurance company he works for and $50 million more for the last three years before this. I’d hate to be buying their insurance. The public pays plenty for that. Where is the outcry? No outcry because the cost is hidden.

An opposing view

If Methuen Mayor Zanni is looking for more money for the schools and Fire Department, maybe he should look at the police payroll. Is anyone else outraged over the recently published police salaries? Since when do police officers all make six figures? Why can already highly paid police basically double their base pay? Methuen better rein in some of these outrageous salaries and pension abuses before they come to the citizenry for more money.

Clean-up time

Corruption, corruption, corruption. If the people from Lawrence do not open their eyes right now, it means they don’t care about the city. We need a new mayor, and it’s time to clean house.

Bush vs. Obama

OK, Democrats, let’s see how corrupt you really are. When the evil Bush was president, you protested against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. When Obama was elected, poof!, you were gone. When the evil Bush signed the Patriot Act, you shrieked that he’d be spying on your library records. Now that we know Obama has been having ordinary Americans’ phones monitored and listened to, are you going to hold him to the same standard you held Bush to? Or are you just going to ignore it, because he’s one of yours? I know which way I’d bet.

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