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June 10, 2013

Sound Off


Us vs. them

Enough, already. John Kerry cheats Massachusetts out of taxes and gets promoted. Elizabeth Warren makes questionable claims and gets to the Senate. The latest example is Tim Murray. We have to demand better than this. Let’s start with voting everyone in power out and for term limits and not allow Congress to vote on any moral issues, benefits for themselves, etc. Those issues should be voted on by us, the constituents. Elected officials have voted for a whole set of perks that don’t apply to us, setting up an us vs. them conflict, instead of “Of the people, by the people and for the people.”

Don’t be late

If New Hampshire representatives and selectman don’t believe there is a difference between a 1 a.m. and a 2 a.m. bar closing, they soon will if the bill on the later closings passes. If you recall in the news not long ago, Lawrence allowed late closings, and it eventually brought many people from miles away into the city after other city and town bars closed. Hundreds poured into the streets after the late closing. It stirred up riots and shootings, and peopled were killed.

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