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December 10, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Another lie

Amazing, isn’t it? Our illustrious leader, the one who walks on water and received the Nobel Peace Prize, has once again lied. He told us for years that he had never met his uncle. Now it comes out that he lived with him. Just another “misconception”, I guess. This Obama wouldn’t know the truth if it hit him in the face! What a guy!

Farm team

Does anybody remember when the Kansas City Athletics were considered a farm team for the Yankees, because so many ended up being traded to the Yanks? Well looks like the Red Sox have started taking their place. If Ben Cherington had any inkling that Jacoby Ellsbury was moving on, why didn’t he trade with the Yanks, and get some AA or AAA players for him, and develop them into hot properties or trade bait?

Lessons forgotten

I find it rather difficult to imagine that an editorial concerning a political figure and his idiotic and foolish behavior had to include his high school education. The high school did not educate his stupidity; he picked that up all by himself. I, being a graduate of said high school, was taught respect and gratitude for all. New Hampshire state Rep. Peter Sullivan may have graduated from Central Catholic but forgot what he learned. I find insulting your even mentioning where he was schooled.


Mayor Zanni knows only one way to balance a budget -- raise taxes. Councilor Jeanne Pappalardo, who voted against the proposed tax increase, suggested that the $2 million in overtime spent by police and fire departments be looked at as a way of lowering taxes. Those departments chronically abuse overtime and someone should look into it but it won’t be their union buddy Mayor Zanni. Councilor Pappalardo you did a great job while in office and I am one Methuen taxpayer who appreciated your efforts.

Road work

Has anyone noticed that a lot of the newly paved roads that Lantigua took all the credit for are crumbling, have potholes and are falling apart? Looks like his band-aid treatment of the roads is showing the shoddy work that was done.


Ethics have been declining in the workplace everywhere. Financial institutions flagrantly commit fraud. Receptionists make personal calls instead of answering phones. Janitors leave messes for the next shift to clean. Sales associates give their personal discounts to all their friends and family. Businesses close early so employees can get home sooner and relax. Yet doctors and nurses work miracles to keep people alive. Morals aren’t flexible and ethics don’t become irrelevant when you leave the doctor’s office in good health. Perhaps the “bah, humbug” feelings of Christmas would go away if everyone followed the rules in the workplace.

Value of work

I have worked through four layoffs and huge economic declines. I have no college degree. Illiterate? Maybe, but I have been able to support my family of four alone through it all. Cutbacks yes, multiple small jobs at the same time Yes! Education levels don’t matter when you decide to work in a job worth a lower pay grade. They are what they are! The writer should grow up and stop decrying their educational accomplishments. It doesn’t make them better, smarter or worth more money. The job level decides that. Work is work!