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December 12, 2013

Sound Off

‘Yield’ defined

Does anyone know what a yield sign means anymore? The state puts them in certain places to show you do not have the right of way, such as on ramps leading into main roads or highways. It means yield, and when there is traffic coming, that person has the right of way. How dare someone have road rage toward a driver who is in the right of way?

Thanks, Coco Early

Christmas is the season for giving. Well, Coco Early Real Estate gave a wonderful gift to many children including my granddaughter Julia and her friend Sadie. We were given a chance to go to see the movie “Frozen,” compliments of Coco Early. Employees of the realty firm were all dressed up as elves and greeted us at the door. Each child was given a “goodie” box of popcorn, candy and a drink. Additionally, two children won iPads, given to them by Santa. Everyone had a wonderful time. Thank you for this.

Firing deserved

I don’t know why people fired for violating their contracts is front-page news. Since all Catholics know that the church does not condone premarital sex and children out of wedlock and Mr. Houlihan Ms. Fernald are Catholics, I am sure they are aware of this. As teachers and role models at a Catholic school, I am also sure they are or should be teaching this doctrine. What child is going to believe or understand that their favorite teacher is saying this is the right thing to do and obviously doing the opposite? Should they have been fired? Yes.

No role models

The two teachers who were fired from the Catholic school should have known better than to have unprotected sex. Master’s degrees obviously don’t teach common sense. A pregnant teacher is not a good role model to her students, no matter how good a teacher she is. I believe children need to see and understand that pregnant women should be married because it demonstrates good morality and a stable life.

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