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April 24, 2013

Sound Off

Better world

That was quite a sight to see in Boston this past unforgettable week and certainly was heart warming to see how everyone came together. People were helping people and the ones with the worst injuries were evacuated right away in the steady streams of ambulances that were there. Boston showed the whole world what people can do to help others. It is too bad people can’t be like this all the time instead of just during disasters. What a better world this would be. But this is only a thought, not reality.

Birthday card

Recently, I received a birthday card from Lawrence Mayor William Lantigua and I get one each year. What a waste of taxpayers’ money. Just think of all the money that the City of Lawrence would save if he would not send these birthday cards to all Lawrencians. Every year I get them and I just get madder and madder. Just think, he uses the Lawrence permit to mail them and he must use a clerk to get them ready and send them out and we as taxpayers are paying for this. If there is a way Mr. Lantigua can waste money, he does and it’s a disgrace to the City of Lawrence.

Sequester cuts

This is how Obama and his administration treats the people of America. Instead of Obama demanding cuts impacted forced his sequester to be in programs with no impacts to the people he politicizes them and deliberately and unnecessarily furloughs the air traffic controllers just to make his point. We have numerous programs that could be trimmed that would not cause any impacts at all to the people. But, Obama throws another temper tantrum because he didn’t get his way and now the traveling public is being punished. I don’t want to hear again how much Obama feels for the people of America, obviously he could care less and proves it every day. It’s all about Obama.

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