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January 15, 2014

Sound Off

Short memory

We hear so much about Obamacare these days one wonders if anyone remembers Hillarycare? Hillary Clinton, who desperately wants to be president, also wanted universal health care a number of years ago. She not only wanted to have government control health care but also wanted the government, in her book “It Takes a Village”, to raise our children. So why would we want more government control rather than less? Sounds like pure socialism to me. Our country has a short memory.

Lost benefits

Stop crying about not getting your benefits renewed. I was denied mine when my company cut my hours and I got hurt. I lost my place to live and I’ve been out of work since June 2013. If not for my family I would be homeless and since then I look for work seven days a week!

EBT cards

In response to the person defending EBT cards: I ask what did the EBT users contribute to that system to expect the government owes them something? I do believe there are those who truly need the help and are very grateful and also those who are too proud to even apply. The elderly who are eligible for Medicare and Social Security contributed all their working lives. Even though they did so, those who are forced to take on part-time jobs to survive are still contributing. Medicare doesn’t come free. It still costs over $100 per month and doesn’t cover all procedures and only 80 percent of what is covered.

NFL records

There were only about six winning teams in the NFL a few that were 50-50 and most had losing records. Now after this fiasco Saturday night between what was suppose to be two of the winning teams, it makes you wonder just how good they are. This game Saturday night was decided and over by the half only no one told them and they didn’t know it. If the Colts were one of the better teams, it makes one wonder how good are the rest of the teams with winning records. The one that deserves the credit for bringing them this far is Belichick. He took a bunch of kids with less experience and brought them up to this level.

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