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January 16, 2014

Sound Off

Too late

Now former police officer P.J. Lopez thinks of his family being disgraced and placed into financial ruin by his corruption? He should have invested the extorted money into an IRA account. Every guilty coward uses the same fence to hide behind, their family. But only when the sentencing date is set. One down, three to go for the betterment of Lawrence.


Why are people not outraged at the media? Chris Christie was not aware of the situation his people placed him in, and yet the media is putting statements of impeachment out for options. With all that our president has done and lied about not one word of impeachment has been expressed. There is certainly something wrong with this picture of double standards. I will bet my bottom dollar on the fact that this issue will last until 2016. After all he is a Republican and not a distribute the wealth type of person, if you want the American dream, work for it; don’t expect it to be handed to you on a silver platter. Get off this case and and concentrate on the real issue of straightening out the country and holding Obama accountable.

Ryan’s hair

Rob Ryan, defensive coordinator for the New Orleans Saints, can’t get a head coach job because he has long hair! Why do the players get to have long hair but not coaches? They all represent the owner and his team. What’s the difference? Isn’t that discrimination? If he is a great coach, let him keep his long hair! It doesn’t bother me! If he has to cut his, make all players cut theirs!

Why worry?

Why are people in Massachusetts worried about what Christie did? He’s in another state. He’s destroying his name and state!

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