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January 16, 2014

Letter: Obama bears responsibility for Benghazi deaths

To the editor:

I want to emphasize that the most important duty of a president is to protect the lives of his citizens first. We should examine who is responsible for the killings of four American diplomats in the Benghazi consulate in Libya.

At the very beginning it is immaterial if the U.S. embassy was surrounded by Muslim demonstrators or not. The most important thing to remember is that lives of American employees were in danger. Their lives have to be protected first. Even though U.S. ambassador asked for help, Obama or Hillary Clinton did not send any help. Because they thought Muslims are peace-loving people and so they would not do any harm to Americans as long as they know Obama, the most Muslim friendly president, is in office!

So, just to get re-elected Obama blamed a Muslim-hating video which he said was responsible for the demonstrations in Benghazi. His objective was to blame Republican supporters for the video and spend his time on his re-election campaign. To Obama, American lives were not important; his re-election was more important.

But Obama forgot the fact that he is a president and not merely a presidential candidate like Romney. A president has an enormous resposibility for saving American lives. He has not done that. After much criticism from the opposition party, Obama realized that he made a historical blunder by not sending the armed forces to guard the embassy. Because of his blunder, four American diplomats including the U.S. ambasssdor were killed.

Obama realized that Muslims, especially Muslim leaders, cannot be trusted. It is the duty of the host country to protect the embassy. He realized for the first time that Muslims and also their leaders are not reliable friends. So he closed 20 U.S. embassies in 20 Arab countries temporarily just to avoid another historical blunder. The closings of so many embassies is an unique event in international foreign policy history!

Now we know that Obama is solely responsible for the death of four American diplomats. He should have to appear in front of a judge.

Tapan Bhattacharjee


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