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January 17, 2014

Sound Off


Kudos to the group in New Hampshire raising an uproar to help stop homelessness. There is no excuse for a country rich as ours to have so any millions of homeless and no awareness of its intensity. It is not merely a matter of the economy or a person’s working status or education level. There’s no affordable housing for the middle class. Yet there has been a second round of fund raising for the Boston Marathoners. How many millions have already been raised? I am NOT taking anything away from their tragedy and suffering. Do not get me wrong. But if we can raise multiple millions of dollars like that, then why not for the homeless? There are the cancer runs, drives against hunger. Why can’t we make a difference in affordable housing?


I give Haverhill snow plowing an A+. I am the first to criticize the plow guys in Haverhill if they don’t do a good job but they did an excellent job plowing my street and the other streets in Haverhill during the last snowstorm.


Where’s the outrage from all the diehard Benghazi right-wingers calling for a full and thorough investigation into Christie and Bridgegate? An elderly woman died due to the hijinx perpetrated by Christie and his staffers, but not a peep from the echo chamber constantly throwing up baseless charges about Benghazi. What hypocrisy.


I’d rather not see a methadone establishment come into Haverhill in any way, shape or form. And I certainly don’t want to see it come to a family shopping area. Traffic is bad enough in that area without druggies driving out on their latest state-given fix, or having druggies conglomerate at the parking lot searching parked cars to rob. Heaven knows if that comes to that area, I will not be shopping there with my family anymore. Here’s a thought, if you must have one of these places, open your “clinic” at the Haverhill Police Station. Certainly in that big building with a locked parking lot you could have one room open to dispense such things? Then the police can keep a real close eye on the situation and have it not mess with the law-abiding citizens that pay their taxes for crime-free areas, as they are just having a nice day out with their family.

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