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January 19, 2014

Your view: Letters to the editor


Mr. Ippolito is also saying that it is not in the president’s purview when a U.S. consulate is under attack! I would beg to differ, if this situation is not in the president’s purview, then I would assume that someone might have told him rather quickly that we were under attack. So please enlighten me how four men dying at the consulate compares to a traffic jam on the George Washington Bridge.

Mr. Ippolito’s next point was that “Bridgegate” was perpetrated to gain favor with the boss. I would tend to agree. However, one would have to use the same logic and reasoning in regards to the IRS’ targeting conservative groups, or the NSA’s tapping foreign heads of state and the American public.

And lastly, Mr. Ippolito has gone back to the liberal standard of blaming President Bush. Mr. Ippolito has stated that President Bush kept feeding lies to Congress in order to get authorization for war against Iraq. Well, what did President Obama do to get his Affordable Care Act passed? He fed the people lies and half-truths in order to gain favor and get his bill passed. And now that it is the law of the land, the president is issuing waivers left and right to his special interests. So, I ask is this a fair application of justice?

According to Mr. Dershowitz, could President Obama face criminal prosecution if it is found that anyone was harmed because of his actions?

Eamonn Bradley


Time to finish the War on Poverty

To the editor:

Fifty years ago this month, President Lyndon Johnson declared an “unconditional war on poverty.” We should all be thankful he did.

As a result of the War on Poverty, between 1959 and 1975, the U.S. poverty rate was cut in half (from 22 percent to 11 percent) and has remained well below 20 percent ever since. The programs it created continue to make a difference to this day. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly food stamps) lifted 5 million people out of poverty in 2012. Head Start is still helping low-income children succeed in school. Medicaid provides health care to children and families who cannot afford to go to the doctor.

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