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January 20, 2014

Sound Off


To all the naysayers out there regarding Benghazi: The House Armed Services Committee issued a report that al-Qaida was involved in the Benghazi attack, contradicting the New York Times report that leans to protect the Obama administration. Leon Panetta told Obama and surely Hilllary Clinton was informed. But, President Obama, because it was an election year for him, chose to lie about it and blame a video and sent out Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton and others from his administration to lie as well, and so they did. Now the truth is out! Have any of us heard this information from the mainstream media? No, because they choose to shield Obama. Did any of them care about the four men that died or their families?

New math

As a math major I am still scratching my head in wonderment over the new unemployment number that has dropped to 6.7 percent for the month of December. Here is why! We now have 92 million people unemployed which has escalated from the month of November and only 74,000 jobs were created during the month of December in which half were only part-time jobs. It is mathematically impossible to drive that number down to 6.7 percent with those undeniable statistics. In fact, that real number will rise to 11 to 12 percent using those same statistics. Obama and his regime continues to deceive the American people but there are some of us that use common sense and won’t be deceived. The sad part is, we have three more years for Obama to continue his deception.


To the write in about unemployment benefits: Firstly, most people do not want to be on unemployment. You have no idea how depressing it can be. Secondly, if you were making a nice salary it is very difficult to accept less and the employers know it and are very unlikely to hire you. Thirdly, there are far more people unemployed in this state and country that what is recorded on the “dole” as you put it. Finally, most unemployment is paid for by employers so it is not the public dole.

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