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January 20, 2014

Sound Off


Important things

Someone actually thinks Gov. Chris Christie is going to get “impeached” because of a traffic jam? How about if we focus on more important things that Democrats don’t want to discuss: Benghazi answers, IRS scandals, an inept State Department. Where do we begin?

Marijuana vote

What am I missing? The New Hampshire Legislature will not approve a casino because of the criminal element they claim follows gambling. Now they want to legalize a controlled substance, marijuana. Are they saying drugs have no criminal involvement? I wonder what they are smoking.

All spin

Not that long ago I read that a certain retailer had a good Christmas selling season and another had saved itself from near extinction. Now I hear one of them is closing 22 stores and the other’s stock is down 30 percent on disappointing holiday sales. When the news becomes all lies and spin, people will stop watching the news and put down their newspapers because it is no longer useful information.

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