EagleTribune.com, North Andover, MA

January 22, 2014

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Flurries

To the meteorologists in the area: Saturday, I shoveled 5 inches of a heavy wet snow with a forecast that called for flurries to a half-inch. You should take your Doppler radar, computer models, and mobile weather vans to the North Andover incinerator. By the way, how are Al Gore’s global warming climate changes treating you?

Fresh air

What a breath of fresh air Mayor Rivera is. Lawrence is in good hands with this upstanding man. Best wishes to him and all of Lawrence.

Train bridge

They are worried about the slowing of traffic when they reconstruct the train bridge in Haverhill. I have the answer to that because I am much much older than them so that makes me wiser. The trains can come down from Portland as usual on time when they get to Haverhill, a shuttle bus can take them to Bradford and they will can the train from there to Boston. This is not rocket science, you know. But it is the only solution until someone finds something better.


Convicted wife killer Robert Kosilek, who is serving a life sentence, was a man yesterday, will be a man today and still be a man tomorrow. His ridiculous request for a taxpayer-funded sex reassignment could only be considered in Massachusetts. If Judge Mark Wolf feels that this is a necessary procedure, please feel free to pay for the surgery and save the taxpayers’ money so that it can be used for a worthy cause instead of this absolute nonsense.

A scam

If it is Michelle Kosilek’s “constitutional right” to have sex-change surgery, it is also my “constitutional right” as a taxpayer to not pay for it. This is just a major scam of the system and it is absolutely outrageous. The man has lived as a man for 60-plus years and can finish off his days as he was born!

Not a fan

I know most people reading this will disagree with me. i do not see high school wrestling as a sport or see anything that contributes to something worthwhile for our children. To see one person straddling on top of another using a choke hold or slams to the floor or any method to subdue another is terrible. Is this considered a self-defense class? This does not appear to be the case to me since its being labeled a sport. I am a lover of sports in general but when I see these kids on the floor locked together in some pretzel-like formation, I cannot understand how any one would think this is great. It’s a wonder they do not wind up with dislocated limbs or worse.


I don’t know where this town gets its sports writers. Hector Longo devoted a whole column on how Ridley was going to win this game. Where this premonition came from I’ll never know. Bill Burt devoted his whole column to how mighty Bill and mighty Tom will beat Denver. When are you going to give Peyton Manning his due? Everyone called him a choke in the big game. Well I’ve got news for you guys, Brady’s been choking in the big game for 10 years now and that’s a fact.