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January 25, 2014

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Sex change

They say prisoners are eligible for medically necessary procedures. I can handle that. Since when is a sex change medically necessary? Let the prisoner or his family pay for it, not the taxpayers! How can a judge be so stupid?

We’re in trouble

In response to “not a fan of Duck Dynasty”: What a twisted world we’ve created where people who “stand up against” a show based on family, love of everyone, clean living and basic religion are considered “moral and upstanding.” And replying to a question by accurately quoting the Bible is “hate speech”? I guess we need more Kardashians and Honey Boo Boo. We’re in trouble.


It seems years ago the only time the U.S. flag was flown at half-staff was on Memorial Day and upon the death of a national figure such as a president or former president. Now it seem the flag is constantly at half-staff and no one seems to know why. It’s like we’re always in mourning. I understand the intent is to honor special people, but it’s really gotten out of hand and it diminishes the symbolism of the national flag.


You folks at The Eagle-Tribune need to practice what you preach. You publish an editorial saying how far we still have to come in relation to Dr. Martin Luther King’s “Dream” speech, especially when it comes to the Internet, yet you condone the posting of unadulterated bigotry towards the president of the United States by the right-wing zealots in your opinion section daily.

Bush lies

Is that all you people can talk about, Benghazi? How about when Bushes killed millions of people and tripled the national debt and doubled the unemployment and much worse, stole the first election. Wake up, people. Oh, and Bush lied about WMD and there were many more lies from the Republicans.

Turn it down

When is the Lawrence school system or the Police Department going to do something about these inconsiderate parents, who drop off and pick up their kids at school every day, get there an hour early and sit there in their cars with the music blasting. All these schools are in a residential area. Please have a little consideration for the residents of that neighborhood, who have the music coming through their walls. The school board should send the children home with a note to this affect, or the police should be on scene to give them a fine. Something must be done. I’ve lived in this neighborhood all my life. I’m a senior citizen, and all this does is get my blood pressure up. I have gone out to the vehicles myself and asked them to turn down the volume, but it’s hopeless. I am referring to the Guilmette School, but I’m sure it’s happening in all the school areas. I hope the mayor is reading this, and does something about it. This is insane. I did vote for you Dan, please help. My family and I are entitled to peace and quiet in our own home.