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January 27, 2014

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Overtime abuse

Methuen firefighters’ abuse of overtime is criminal. It is obvious Chief Buote is incapable of providing the management needed to control it. Under his leadership overtime is being handed out at the tune of $30,430 a week and will soon exceed the $1.1 million budgeted for overtime. His excuses are the same old public union nonsense that would not exist in the private sector. At one time the department had 12 men out on extended leave due to legitimate, imaginary or bogus injuries or illness. And how does Chief Buote deal with this? He hands out overtime. How about doing more with less or try cracking down on the abuse!

Mutual aid

Referencing the overtime budget for Methuen’s Fire Department: Is the town reimbursed for the “mutual aid” costs in support of the Lawrence department and other area departments? Is there an end of budget year reckoning and reimbursement? I know area fire departments should support one another but, do the taxpayers foot the bill for for what should be another city’s responsibility? Just wanted to know where my money is going in Methuen.

Global warming

To the commenter “Flurries”: So because it still snows in New England, global climate change is a myth? Thank you for expressing your opinion from your own little bubble of existence. In the western parts of the United States, they are experiencing severe droughts. In other parts of the world where it’s summer, the records are breaking with 120 degree heat waves. In five years, that will most likely be us. But don’t look at the big picture or let facts get in your way. As long as you bury your head in the sand, it won’t exist.


To “Not a fan” from Wednesday’s Sound Off: It’s obvious that you have never been to a high school wrestling match. There are no choke holds or body slams. Stop confusing the junk on TV with the high school, college and Olympic sport. Wrestling was in the original Olympic Games of the Greeks. And it was the very first sport -- Adam wrestled with Eve!

Inept military

First off, it was Bush’s malfeasance and lies that tricked us into going into Iraq in the first place. For that he, along with the entire upper echelon of his administration, should be tried and imprisoned for the rest of their lives. Secondly, it was our inept military -- which, by the way, lost both of Bush’s wars, badly -- that really botched things up. Our military command is laughable, and has been for decades.

Brady’s excuses

It’s probably true that the Pro Bowl is a meaningless game, but still a player should be appreciative of the fact that he is voted in by the fans. It should also be a time to mingle with other players and get to know some a little bit better. And yes, It’s sort of like representing the company you work for. It’s certainly understandable for one reason or another that a player cannot be in attendance. But with Brady, it’s all the time. I can’t remember the last time he was a participant and yet the fans are foolish enough to keep voting him in. Why give a guy the honor of your vote, if he has no intention of ever going? With him, there is always an excuse.