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January 28, 2014

Sound Off

Free speech

Wake up, America. We do have a remaining freedom — freedom of speech. Regarding the Mortgage Specialists sign in Plaistow: If readers are aware that governments are not working for us, especially now, and do not have our best interests in mind, speak up! Advertise it. As Edmund Burke said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”


Whenever a Republican official gets caught in a scandal, Obama’s opponents try to distract us by yelling, “Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi!”. However, the reason New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s Bridge-gate scandal is important is because it was a deliberate act of petty vengeance perpetrated by his entire top-level staff. If Christie did not know about it, then he is an incompetent manager who cannot keep track of his own inner circle. If he did know about it, then he is a duplicitous, lying politician engaged in a Nixon-like cover-up (which coined the “-gate” expression in the first place). Either way, I would not trust him to be president.

Make a difference

I, too, questioned why we went into Iraq and did not target those directly responsible for 9/11 but, once the reins of power have been passed to a new administration, it has to deal with the issues facing the country as they promised. Targeting past administration missteps at this point is really just sour grapes. If we want to look at a malfeasance (misconduct), let’s look at the multiple instances of it during this administration and maybe even react to it while we might make a difference.

Train station

Here we go with more meetings in Plaistow to discuss the proposed train layover station. This layover station is a way for the Massachusetts MBTA to pass the buck to New Hampshire. The MBTA would like the complaints about noise, vibrations and diesel fumes in Bradford to stop. They want more space and where else can they get that? You guessed it, New Hampshire. Placing a layover facility in Plaistow in return for putting a T stop here is their answer. If Plaistow residents hate the noise, fumes, vibrations all night, every night, it’s not their problem as they are playing “let’s make a deal” with us in order to get that noisy and unhealthy mess over the border. If there are complaints, well tough luck as you all made a deal and you are stuck with this polluting and nasty thing forever. Forever is a long time.

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