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January 28, 2014

Sound Off


Global warming

It’s not that we deny climate change, also known as global warming. It’s that we don’t believe we’re the cause. The earth was 30 degrees warmer during the Dark Ages, with no cars, power plants and a much smaller global population. From 1940 through the 1970s, global temperature dropped, yet we had constantly increasing greenhouse gases. Why the differences? How about the real reason: changes in our sun!

No comparison

This is a message to all elected, I repeat elected officials in Salem. Please stop comparing Salem to Windham! We the citizens of Salem elected you to do your job and to keep our tax dollars at a reasonable rate. If we want what Windham has we would move there and you also have that option. So, please stop pushing for more, more, more which increases our budget and taxes. There’s an election approaching and I know who and what I’ll not be voting for.

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