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January 29, 2014

Sound Off

Pointing fingers

I really have to pity the Obama supporters who will usually blame all their Dear Leader’s failures on George W. Bush. Neither they nor their leader have learned that mature people take responsibility for their mistakes. They don’t point the finger at someone else. That’s called accountability, something that doesn’t exist in the current administration.

Restore jobs

I was just thinking, I voted for Obama twice and have to admit he has been a disappointment. However, I am much, much older than he and have been around the block more times than he ever will. For this reason I give him some advice that didn’t work when he first got in. That was that the most important thing was more jobs. Now I say he can still be my hero if he would listen to this octogenarian when I say give the manufacturing companies an incentive to come back to this country and believe you me that will erase all his past mistakes.

Best military

To the person who wrote the piece on our “inept military”: Odds are this person couldn’t cut it in his or her military service and obviously has an ax to grind. Have we made mistakes? Absolutely, but we have the best military force in the world. This joker should spend some time with any of our special ops people before he runs off at the mouth.

Global warming

The Koch brothers -- yes, the Koch brothers -- have funded a study that finds global warming is real and essentially all due to human pollution. The Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature Study will be out next week. Please right and left, let’s work together on this important issue and let’s get our heads out of the warming sand before it is too late. Ms. Anderson, looking out your window is not a scientific study!

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