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January 30, 2014

Sound Off

What to do?

What can you do when the president of the United States stands at the lectern at the State of the Union and declares that he will break the law?

They’re the problem

Doesn’t anyone realize that many of the problems that government wants to address were in great part created by the government in the first place?

The best

A visit to the Main Street fire station to ask a question regarding a carbon monoxide detector in my home prompted a courteous, quick response. After returning home and within a brief period of time, two firemen appeared at my door with equipment in hand to check out my detector. The two firemen were professional, courteous, friendly and patiently answered my numerous questions while checking my detector. All is now well and the two firemen returned to their station with a friendly wave and bid me a good day. Many thanks to the North Andover Fire Department for responding to my inquiry for a non-emergency situation. You are the best!

Enforce the lien

How in the world could the Merrimac Paper property be sold legally with a lien on it for millions in taxes and water? I believe the city of Lawrence can draw a direct line to the former owners for the settlement of this matter.

Paving job

Frankly, I think Highway Rehabilitation Corp. shouldn’t be paid a cent more because they did a terrible job on the paving in Lawrence. Everett Street in South Lawrence was crumbling long before the snow and ice came. Some of the utility castings are sunk so deep below the paving level that they created “sinkholes” immediately after the paving was done. It was shoddy work at best done quickly in an attempt to shed a favorable light on our ex-mayor during campaign season. On another note, when are all those blue Willie Lantigua signs coming down? They are an insult.

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