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June 29, 2013

Sound Off

Noise is everywhere

To the person complaining about loud motorcycle pipes: Are you also bothered by police, fire and ambulance sirens? How about your neighbor mowing his lawn? Low flying aircraft? Loud music playing? The point is that we live in a time with noise pollution. I’m not sure what studies have been done about loud pipes saving lives. But I do know this: If they save one life, your minor inconvenience will be well worth it. Who knows? Maybe the life saved will be mine.

Missed opportunity

Well, the voters of Massachusetts have once again said, Thank you, may I please have more taxes with no representation. They again voted for the same old, same old. They had an opportunity to lead the country in making changes, but they instead elected someone who has been in office for 37 years with not a lot to show for it.

Pity poor Paula

OMG, Paula Deen said a racial slur! Give her the death penalty! As if no one else has ever said one! These companies that are turning their backs on her are hypocrites. I can’t afford her products but will stand by her. Paula Deen needs your support, so give it to her.

Just shoot her

Paula Deen said something wrong racially. Why don’t we just put her in front of a firing squad and get it over with? I do not condone hurtful words, racial or otherwise. I grew up hearing terrible comments toward the French, Italians, Polish, Jewish, the handicapped -- this list could go on forever. Most of us have experienced hurtful words and they are not directed toward one race only. Should we all get up in arms and rage about it enough to crucify or ruin someone’s life or take it from whence it comes as a stupid statement made without thinking?

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