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October 15, 2012

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Bigger worries

What happened at the American embassy in Libya is very sad. And all the Obama administration has to worry about is Big Bird. We need to vote him out.

Dress code

I would like to comment on the Methuen police pay raises. If they’re getting a clothing allowance and they’re getting all of this money, then I think it’s about time they started dressing like professionals; instead of in shorts, sneakers with no socks, on the phone doing road jobs where they make probably $40 an hour. This is getting to be silly. The town or city government, with the illegal apartments and all of these pay raises, is completely out of control. It’s time to change them all. They’re getting paid to stay fit. Part of their job is to stay fit and they’re not even clean. They’re unshaven. I don’t know how far to go with this. I’m a former policeman, but we wouldn’t have allowed this kind of thing on the street. With all of the money they’re making, the town or city government should be ashamed of itself.

Impeach him

I find it amazing that we’re able to impeach the President of the United States, but we can’t get rid of a crooked mayor in Lawrence and his crony friends. The ones who are with him and supporting him are all breaking the law and yet they’re allowed to collect full salaries. There’s something seriously wrong with the city of Lawrence and we wonder why they’re in so much trouble. Poor Chief Romero has no say in what’s going on in his city. I think the city should be able to impeach that mayor and get rid of all of his friends.

Enough Warren

I don’t know why there are so many ads for Elizabeth Warren on the TV. She’s on the TV more than Mitt Romney, who’s on there all the time. And why is she worrying about whether she wins or loses? We’re obviously in a blue state, she’s ahead and I really think she’s bound to win for those reasons. If she could just get off the TV once in awhile.

It’s the law

It makes me laugh every time someone complains about cars going the speed limit in the high speed lane. They just don’t get it. It is not your own express lane for you to go 80 to 90 miles per hour, so you can reach your destination unimpeded. What part of the word law do you not understand?

Obama’s promises

Politicians should be held responsible for what they say when they’re campaigning for a political position. When Obama was campaigning four years ago, he was going to bring our troops home. Four years later, some of our troops are still dying in this war that has no end. Now he’s talking about Romney and how he’s getting his campaign money from his rich friends. Where is Obama getting his hundreds of millions of dollars from? The Tooth Fairy? Wake up, America. Send this man on vacation, please.

Feeding animals

Please stop feeding the wild animals. They’re camping out in my back yard and in my garage and they’re digging in my garden.