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October 17, 2012

Sound Off

Pay raises

This is about Methuen police pay raises: I don’t understand why they’re getting 10 percent pay raises when the Methuen taxpayers can’t afford it. I don’t understand why their pay is so high when they’re not educated.

Use civilians

Civilian flagmen are much cheaper as just as safe as detail cops. Detail cops, depending on their rank, make $50 or more an hour and civilian flagmen would make much less. I think that detail cops should be abolished in Massachusetts and replaced with civilian flagmen.

Fire them

Patrick Kennedy and Hillary Clinton should be fired. They are directly responsible for the deaths of the ambassador and the three other Americans. There has to be accountability for these deaths and the cover-up. They should be put under oath and made to pay for these preventable deaths.


Prices are soaring. People are roaring. Rain has been pouring and the lawns need mowing. But what the heck? At least it’s not snowing. Put on a smile that will keep on glowing. A little levity will keep us all going.

Social Security

All I hear is that they have to revamp Social Security. If the government had kept their hands off of Social Security and didn’t pass the money around to all of their favorites, then I don’t think we’d have a problem. Some people are getting Social Security that haven’t even worked. I know of a 27 year old guy who gets $700 a month. He never worked enough to make $700 a month. What about the poor citizens who worked all their lives and are getting $400 or $500 a month? The government stinks.


So many people write in for Romney to get in to turn the economy around. Sorry, it’s not going to happen. Our history tells us otherwise. Romney won’t get in to help the economy. He will get in to help Romney and the first thing he wants to do is cut the income tax. That is very stupid. France just went up 75 percent on their tax because their economy is in tough shape too. Who knows, maybe Greece and Spain will do the same. The 1 percent that owns it all is the answer. If they continue to hoard it all and don’t put it in circulation our economy will not go anywhere.

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