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October 17, 2012

Letter: New Hampshire eventually will need an income tax

To the editor:

This is my take on the story about the proposed New Hampshire constitutional ban on income tax.

Many Democratic and Republican candidates oppose the constitutional amendment. Every one of them is sitting on a fence and they don’t know which side to jump on. They seem to think it’s an issue they need to address. It’s just a matter of time when they will have to.

I predict that by 2020, New Hampshire will need one or the other — an income or sales tax.

The cities and towns are growing and that means in the future, theirs budget will not meet their basic needs, like police and fire protection and maintaining their quality of life.

New Hampshire’s “live free or die” motto is good to a point. Free is not always free; in the end, you pay.

Property taxes can only go so far. Homeowners can only be taxed to a point. The time is just around the corner when you’re going to need more schools or larger ones and some small towns won’t have the means to do so. Some towns don’t have open land. So ban today, but regardless of what New Hampshire residents think, the day is coming.

Now I read that New Hampshire towns are facing higher pension costs and that’s not going away, so who’s going to pay for that? And you know that will increase every year. So live free now, but the day is around the corner when “free” will be a memory. Reality is near.

Roger J. Lemire Sr.


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