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October 21, 2012

Your view: Letters to the editor


This may sound totally absurd, but the only way I could possibly get the federal government to recognize me as being Native American would be to have one or both of my biological parents adopt me. My biological mother died in 2006 at age 64, but my biological father still lives in Texas. If my biological father were to adopt me, I would only qualify for membership in his ancestral tribes, which are the Comanche, Cherokee and Choctaw.

My situation is not unique; there are thousands in the same situation. And there are thousands and thousands more who are stuck in other situations caused by the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

It is bothersome to constantly hear about the Jewish Holocaust, the Armenian, Cambodian and other foreign genocides, when only very rarely does anyone ever mention the atrocities committed by the U.S. government. The American people are intentionally misinformed and oblivious to the true history of the United States. Attempts to greatly diminish, if not completely erase, the number of living Native Americans didn’t just happen in the distant past; it continues to happen at this very moment.

The government tells other nations to respect the civil rights of its peoples, but does the opposite here at home.

Stephen E. Barbin


Abortion is no solution for women

To the editor:

In response to Rebecca Backman’s letter (Oct. 11), I counter by stating that it is never in the best interest of women to kill their own children by abortion.

Before Roe v. Wade, women were in much less danger and difficulty — not more as Ms. Backman contends. They were not assaulted or tormented by their partners or others for wanting to continue a pregnancy; they were not put in physical and mental harm from the dangerous abortion procedure; they did not suffer lifelong regret and depression after procuring the killing of their own unborn child; and they were not used as sexual objects by men who had no interest in fathering their child. What I think is nuts is that school counselors can take your underage daughters for an abortion or give them the abortion pill without your knowledge — and it’s legal!

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