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October 21, 2012

Your view: Letters to the editor


Abortions are not safe. Women are wounded mentally, emotionally, and often physically by abortion. Their baby, a one of a kind human being, is forever gone with far reaching effects not only on the woman herself, but on the father and the entire extended family including their descendants never to be born.

Contrary to what Ms. Backman says, the anger and physical attacks do not come from the pro-lifers who faithfully share information on help and resources available to these women in distress and anguish. I have personally witnessed and suffered the verbal and physical abuse: spitting, kicking, threats, and expletives coming from “pro-choicers” who are incensed by anyone offering assistance and information to these women in crisis and standing against this barbaric practice. I have never seen or heard of pro-lifer attacks. They try to paint the Boston murderer John Salvi as pro-life when he actually shot at my pro-life friend, Lorraine, that very morning.

We use love not hate to plead for the life and the rights of the unborn child. The untruths that Ms. Backman wants to perpetuate do not stand the test of time and evidence. Visit the website “silentnomoreawareness.org” and read the many thousands of testimonies from women and men who have been profoundly harmed by their abortions. Abortion is trying to solve a problem by killing a baby. Offering death as a solution is a grave betrayal and injustice to women who deserve better.

Theresa Gorey


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