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October 20, 2012

Sound Off


Biden laughing

Regarding the Biden/Ryan debate: I never liked Biden, but now I detest him. He was very rude during the entire debate; always interrupting Ryan. At one time, Ryan even asked him to stop interrupting so that they would have more time to discuss the issues. His laughing all the time, especially when Ryan was talking about the ambassador and the men who were killed. I don’t see anything funny about men being killed.


Here’s something to stop and think about: Before all of this technology, we survived. We didn’t have a whole lot of trouble. Sure, people were killed randomly and things like that, but look at what the Internet has cost people. It has cost some of them their lives, some money. It’s supposed to be helpful and all it does is help commit crimes.


When my nephew signed up for Iraq — his father had been in Vietnam — I told him that it’s no different from Vietnam. It won’t change and it won’t get better. Don’t go, it’s not worth it. He went for two years and he got through it. Thank God he’s home.

Rethink raises

I would like the Methuen city councilors to rethink their plan for the big raises in the Police Department. We are going through difficult times. This is the time to hold the line on pay and raises!

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