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October 22, 2012

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Wake up, Haverhill

This is an item for the Haverhill Licensing Commission asking them to wake up and open their eyes. We have drinking establishments in downtown Haverhill that require bouncers and security guards, which should be a clear indication that they expect problems from the so-called power drinkers and night fighters that show up. In addition, even Haverhill’s pitiful attempt at initiating a parking plan where paid parking stops at 8 p.m. is ridiculous as there is no other city around that has parking that ends at 8 p.m. It continues at least until midnight. So please, Haverhill politicians, wake up.


Why is it that the moderators chosen for the presidential debates are all liberal? If President Obama is so concerned with a “level playing field”, then let’s include a more conservative moderator for at least one of the debates. It was obvious, last night, that Crowley was an Obama supporter, coming to his aid when he needed it. Let’s play fair!

Too fast

Why do people think it’s OK to speed on residential streets? And if you don’t live on the cul de sac, please don’t endanger our children who are playing outside by coming in our neighborhood and driving like a maniac.

Tax free

The letter the man wrote about New Hampshire being tax free is right to a point. But the sooner the Massachusetts merchants along the border are given a tax break to rival New Hampshire the sooner it will happen. The 6 million people in Massachusetts have been supporting them for many generations but now it is not enough. The gentleman is right. New Hampshire will have to come out with one of the two taxes.


I find it interesting that the new Methuen police contract rolled into their base salary the clothing allowance that heretofore did not contribute to boosting their pension. So, that amount would have to be considered a pay raise and you can bet your bottom dollar they will be looking for another “clothing allowance” when this contract expires, giving them, in effect, two clothing allowances yearly.

Obama’s record

If President Obama had a good record of accomplishments he could stand on; he wouldn’t be trying so hard to make Mitt Romney look so bad. All he basically would have to say is, “Look at my record. It speaks for itself.” But he can’t do that. His record is one-failure-after-another and a history of failed spending which continues to put this country into debt. Just look at the facts before Election Day and make the right choice.

Center lane

In order for the highway to work correctly and safely people must use the right lane to exit and enter, center lane(s) for traveling, and left lane for passing. Speed is not the issue. If you’re not passing or exiting or entering, be courteous and move to the center lane.

Best generation

So today, living the American Dream means both parents have to be working to pay for their cost of high living. Thus seniors are retiring to babysit. Everywhere you go you see grandparents with grandkids. We raised our families just to retire to raise our children’s children. I say that puts us in the “best generation” category!