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October 28, 2012

Your view: Letters to the editor

Clear differences between Obama and Romney

To the editor:

More and more, with the presidential election upon us, it seems that a lot of people are saying and blogging things like “there’s no difference”, “they’re all the same” and “it doesn’t matter who wins.”

Nothing could be further from the truth.

One candidate stands for a woman’s right to choose, one is adamantly opposed to it. One stands for the rights of all Americans, including gays, to marry, one does not. One changed policies that saw the U.S. lose 700,000 jobs a month and has now had 51 consecutive months of job growth, one would go back to the old failed policies of you-know-who. One would have us engaged in eternal warfare, one has brought our troops home. One want the wealthy who have benefitted disproportionately from the last 10 years of tax cuts to pay 4 percent more in taxes to help the country, one would cut their taxes even more.

One stands for affordable health care, one stands for failed “market-based” solutions that have resulted in the highest costs of health care in the world and the fewest number of insured citizens of any industrialized nation. One stands up to insurance companies for disallowing those with “pre-existing conditions” from receiving insurance, one kowtows to the insurers. One candidate brought bin Laden to justice, one said he “wouldn’t move heaven and earth” to get him.

One has had the same consistent message for four years, one has changed virtually every position he took in the primaries to cover up his more extreme views. One would not sign legislation guaranteeing equal pay for men and women, one did so as his very first official act.

And one stands to allow all to vote, one would restrict voting to the privileged.

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