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October 27, 2012

Sound Off

Must vote

The countdown has begun. We have 10 days left before we go to the polls and vote. We have heard from both sides, can we decipher the lies from the truths? Not sure? So if you don’t know, here’s what you need to do: vote your conscience. Vote how you want our country to go. Do we want us to come back to life or continue downward into a world of confusion and sorrow — you decide. Who will bring us back to life, Mr. Obama or Mr. Romney? You decide. Do not listen to all that has saturated the air waves. Vote what your conscience is telling you to do, what is right in your heart. One thing we must do next Nov. 6 is get out and vote! That is the most important thing we must do on Election Day.

Middle lane

To the person who thinks that the middle lane is the travel lane: You are forgetting one of the earliest driving lessons you were taught when you started to drive! “Keep right, except to pass.” The right lane is the “travel lane.” If you are continually passing people in the right lane, you can then move to the middle lane.


I remember in high school being taught how Franklin Delano Roosevelt “got us through” the Great Depression. There’s is no doubt that FDR was an inspiring and motivating speaker. But did he get us through the Depression or extend it? Clearly, President Obama has looked to the ideas of FDR to try to resolve the current economic downturn. But after four years of massive deficits and a national debt in excess of $16 trillion, are we any better off? Can government spending create economic prosperity? We should look to the insight of FDR’s treasury secretary who said in 1939 to the president: “We are spending more than we have ever spent before and it is not working!” What was true in 1939 is still true today. Government spending does not create lasting economic prosperity. Only we, the people can do that.

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