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October 29, 2012

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Hypocritical

Republicans are at it again. When Romney won the first debate, they touted his aggressive style and criticized Obama’s passive if not sleepy performance.. Now that Obama has won the third debate, these same Republicans are criticizing Obama for being too aggressive and unpresidential. How hypocritical.

Trash trucks

On trash day in Methuen, the first truck came to pick up recycling. There was one man on the vehicle. That was followed by the regular trash pick-up. There were two men on that truck. Finally the city of Methuen truck came by to pick up leaves and other debris. There were three men on the truck. There wasn’t one bag of leaves out there that I could see so all they had to do was drive around the neighborhood. You’ve got to love Zanni and the union.

Like Carter

Gov. Romney wants to bring our Navy back up to the size it was before President Obama started to dismantle it. Obama said sometimes more is not better and what we have is sufficient to protect our interests. Yet our embassy was attacked, four Americans were killed and we didn’t send in a helicopter with Marines, SEALs or special forces. Was that because there wasn’t anybody in the area? I feel like its Jimmy Carter all over again.


In the debate, Obama tried to belittle Romney about the Navy and its capabilities. I was on a submarine in 1962. Our World War II-era diesel submarine went up against the USS Enterprise and its task force. We simulated sinking the Enterprise, a cruiser, destroyer, oiler and one other ship all in 24 hours — 556,000 tons. I was at a submarine gathering last month and they told me that the Russian submarines routinely take pictures of the backs of our ships and email them to us just to show us how ineffective the task force is against any aggressor.

Welfare reform

I read about Shaun Toohey making welfare reform a top priority. He now has my vote because welfare reform is something that absolutely has to be done in the state of Massachusetts.

All lies

Where is the outrage on Libya. Four people died for nothing. They didn’t have to die. Somebody has to be accountable. The president and secretary of state knew right away what happened and did nothing to stop it. This is a cover-up. All we get is lies.

Women’s issues

I don’t know what Elizabeth Warren or Obama are worried about. I notice all the Sound Off and opinion columns are against Scott Brown and Romney. I wonder if there are any other issues beside women, women, women in this whole campaign. I’m a woman but I don’t think we should be the power in this.

Grant needed

Mayor Fiorentini should look for grant money to remodel and upgrade the Haverhill senior center. Senior citizens really deserve better. Has he been there lately? Please check it out.

Liked editorial

Regarding the editorial “Romney shines through three debates”: Finally, there is an honest judgment on Romney. I don’t see any other newspaper giving him credit. People open your eyes and ears and get the facts right.