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October 30, 2012

Editorial: Tisei, Golnik for Congress in Massachusetts

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — If ever a politician has worn out his welcome, that politician is John Tierney.

Tierney, a Democrat from Salem, is running for his ninth term representing the Bay State’s 6th District in Congress. Tierney hasn’t earned two terms, let alone nine. But a series of incompetent opponents has allowed him to waltz back into Congress again and again.

But this election is different. In Republican Richard Tisei, Tierney finally faces a challenger with intelligence, experience and organization. Now the voters of the 6th District, which includes North Andover, Boxford, Groveland, Georgetown, Merrimac, West Newbury and part of Andover, have a real choice.

For 16 years, Tierney has voted in lockstep with the Democratic leadership in Washington, with little legislation of his own to show for it. For years, Tierney has ignored the voters of his district, treating them with a disrespect bordering on contempt.

It’s time to send John Tierney home. We urge voters in the 6th District to elect Richard Tisei to Congress.

Tisei, who is openly gay, is a fiscal conservative and social liberal, a Republican of the kind that used to be much more common in New England. Tisei, of Wakefield, is pro-choice and supports gay marriage rights. That may anger some who might otherwise be inclined to vote Republican. Those social conservatives ought to consider the alternatives. The third candidate in the race, Libertarian Daniel Fishman, has little practical chance of winning. Those who withhold votes from Tisei over his pro-choice and gay marriage stances are helping to re-elect Tierney, who in addition to supporting abortion rights and gay marriage is also a tax-and-spend liberal.

Tisei has the right prescription for what ails the economy. As a small-business owner, Tisei understands that businesses are reluctant to make the decisions necessary for expansion and job growth in a climate of uncertainty over taxes and regulations. He is concerned over the massive increase in national debt accumulated during President Obama’s term.

That debt and regulatory burden will only increase with the implementation of the “Obamacare” health-care initiative. Tisei instead favors common-sense proposals that will lower health-care costs and reduce regulatory red tape.

Tisei also understands that changes must come to the Medicare program in order to preserve it for current and future generations.

For all this, Tierney and his surrogates have labeled Tisei a “tea party extremist” and excoriated him in a nasty series of ads and mailings. “Nasty” seems to be a Tierney speciality, as when he haughtily demanded he face no questions in his debates about his family’s gambling scandals.

Enough is enough. We urge voters to support Richard Tisei for Congress in the 6th District.

In the new 3rd District, we favor Republican Jon Golnik of Carlisle for his faith in the power of individuals over the control of the state.

Golnik faces an uphill battle to unseat incumbent Democrat Niki Tsongas of Lowell. But his campaign has the right ideas.

To jump-start the sputtering economy, Golnik proposes lowering the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 25 percent and imposing a one-year moratorium on new regulations. He wants to extend the Bush-era tax cuts and keep personal income taxes at their current levels. He wants to repeal Obamacare, replacing it with a series of less radical reforms.

Golnik understands that Washington’s spending spree cannot continue without leading our country to ruin. Voters of the 3rd District should send him and that message to Congress.