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October 30, 2012

Letter: Romney will give America a chance

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — To the editor:

Obamacare will not save our Medicare or health system as the president would have us believe. For those who don’t like a voucher system, the opposing plan hints of a system with added costly forms and less care. But the real secrets will not be revealed until 2014 — too late. Businesses are not hiring, and we are seeing fewer teens choosing college. Parents without jobs, as well as small businesses, can’t afford to pay hidden health costs. Part-time replacement jobs often don’t provide insurance.

Our debt is already way above that of Greece and our country is on that very same path. The reason Obama hasn’t balanced the budget is because he can’t. How do we ever pay back a $16 trillion debt, balance a budget, and also pay for government programs? Blaming people from the past doesn’t help. It’s time to look at the one in charge these last years. We grew debt these years, not jobs. We owe an outrageous amount. We might want to ask an accountant or an economics professor if we want to hear what kind of peril we are in. We are looking at a future with fewer jobs, less coverage and less health choices on both Obamacare and Medicare. Perhaps we don’t believe that and turned the focus to pro-choice? I’d like to believe Americans would rather pay their bills and put food on their children’s table!

When can we begin to pay back our debt to China? Or can we attempt to keep paying for government entitlements and a strong military without China’s help? We can’t do both, and perhaps it’s unlikely we can do either.

What comes next? How many of us will have jobs in the next few years? That’s where Romney can help. We cannot keep believing Obama and the media spin about Romney’s words. That is not only a disservice to him, but to the voters. Obama is unable to get opportunities for people who are able, willing, and very eager to work. Jobs generate the means to pay for entitlements. Jobs must be available to people so they can work.

It’s unlikely folks will be in agreement with each other on every point. However, we do want our country and people to flourish.

The next president will inherit an economy worse than any prior. It will take many years to rebuild it! Right now, we have a chance with someone who means what he says and does the right thing. He brought much success to the state of Massachusetts and improved education while governor. Romney does not only say he wants to help the middle class and disadvantaged, and improve education, but he can provide the programs that work for them. He can bring success to America. It won’t be a quick fix, but at least let us begin!

Joan Hamel