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April 29, 2013

Sound Off

Fiddling again

Two thousand years ago, Emperor Nero was fiddling away while Rome burned to the ground. Today, we have threats of a nuclear holocaust coming from west and the east of our United States. Meanwhile, our president is entertaining celebrities and throwing lavish, tax-funded parties at the White House. Could there be a correlation and maybe a repeat of history in this scenario?

Poor road

I travel Kingsbury Avenue from West Boxford to Bradford and the road is in such bad shape. They don’t seem to take notice. There is a bad hole and the cones have been there for a while with no repair. They patch and within a week the holes are back. I hope someone is able to help.

Bombers’ mother

The mother of the two mindless and heartless beings who created the disaster at the Boston Marathon was on the news and wants to know why, why did they have to kill her son. I am a parent and understand her grief. However, I would like to ask this woman, who seems to be oblivious, the same question. Why, why did her sons kill three and maim more than 200 innocent people, destroying their lives and that of their loved ones and their families forever?


I lived through the Depression so I don’t like false statements about it. It took years under Coolidge, Hoover and their ilk to get us in that mess and took years to get us out. As soon as Roosevelt started the WPA, CCC and other agencies, we were on a slow recovery. We would have made it without the war, but it would have taken longer. The present-day bailout did save GM and I believe they paid it back and the unions were not overpaid. It was these experienced people who helped save the company.

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