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May 9, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Shifty look

Ever notice Leon Panetta can never look into the camera since 9/11/12? I don’t blame him. He has lost all respect for himself and the respect of the American people.

Not ‘representative’

I just read the story about the expanded casino plans at Rockingham Park. It seems that state Rep. Patrick Bick believes that a casino at Rockingham Park would destroy the local economy. Without any evidence to back up this assertion, and ignoring the projected revenue, the number of jobs that will be created and the number of tourists that will come to Salem, it’s apparent that “Representative” Bick speaks, acts, and votes according to what HE thinks and believes, along with “representative” Sytek and Garcia. In March, 81 percent of the town’s voters supported a casino in Salem. When our elected representatives ignore the wishes of the people whom they represent, they reveal their true identity: self-serving politicians who are not interested in serving the interests of the people they represent, but instead have their own agenda.

Firearms lesson

I wanted to offer a minor correction to “Sick fox put down in Lawrence.” At the end of the article, you stated Officer Hart fired three shots with his .40-caliber Sig Sauer service revolver. Although Sig Sauer might make a .40-caliber revolver, I doubt Hart carries a revolver. Your article should have read, “Hart fired three shots with his .40-caliber Sig Sauer service weapon. The .40-caliber Sig Sauer is most likely a semiautomatic handgun and not a revolver. A revolver holds six, seven or eight rounds. Magazines for semiautomatics can typically hold up to 17 rounds.

UKIP’s rise

Britain’s third party, UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party), has been gaining ground this past year and now is getting over 25 percent of the votes, which is remarkable. This country is going to get a strong third party; it may not happen soon but it will happen eventually, just the same as the work week will drop below 40 hours some day for the same reason it dropped before — to make more work for more people. This is not a prediction. I have been through it all, and it will happen.


Have we become insane in this country? Granting all illegal aliens amnesty will break the back of America and destroy it. Early estimates indicate giving amnesty to illegal aliens will cost the taxpayers $6.3 trillion because, in this bill, these illegal aliens will immediately become eligible to collect welfare, food stamps, EBT cards and all the other entitlements. These illegals will also be able to bring all their relatives in without issue and they will also be eligible for all these entitlements. The Democrats want this purely to increase their voter base, and the Republicans want this to improve their image. These fools don’t realize what this will do to our great country and obviously don’t care.

Mad powerwasher

Well, spring’s here, and the mad powerwasher is alive and well. Six hours of nonstop powerwasher noise. The street most likely has the cleanest pavement in the city. Your neighbors really love this all summer. How about you get a life and take up BBQ’ing and stop trying to wash air?

Rough ride

Does anyone know if there are any plans to reconstruct Interstate 93 in the Wilmington area? Between all the potholes and the deplorable bridge decks, it has to be one of the worst sections of highway in the state. It’s disgusting that all that money is being spent on the Great Wall of Andover while the rest of us have to continue to endure this hazardous situation.

Bomber burial

The Boston Bomber is costing us thousands of dollars for security details at the funeral home. Therefore, I think we should cremate him and get it over with. I know that is against Muslim beliefs. but did he care about our beliefs when he killed and disfigured the men, women and children?