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May 10, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Mad powerwasher

Well, spring’s here, and the mad powerwasher is alive and well. Six hours of nonstop powerwasher noise. The street most likely has the cleanest pavement in the city. Your neighbors really love this all summer. How about you get a life and take up BBQ’ing and stop trying to wash air?

Farrwood plea

To the mayor and city councilors of Haverhill: While you dole out millions to refurbish the stadium, build a new school, increase the school budget, renovate the flood wall, pay for the old Hale debt, and hand out millions in raises how about helping out all the taxpayers who live on Farrwood Drive with repairing the so-called private road? Residents of Farrwood, who number hundreds of families, pay taxes like all the other citizens of Haverhill but can’t get the city to spend one penny. Maybe its time for the residents of Farrwood to secede, pool their tax money and fix the road themselves.

Rough ride

Does anyone know if there are any plans to reconstruct Interstate 93 in the Wilmington area? Between all the potholes and the deplorable bridge decks, it has to be one of the worst sections of highway in the state. It’s disgusting that all that money is being spent on the Great Wall of Andover while the rest of us have to continue to endure this hazardous situation.

Bomber burial

The Boston Bomber is costing us thousands of dollars for security details at the funeral home. Therefore, I think we should cremate him and get it over with. I know that is against Muslim beliefs. But did he care about our beliefs when he killed and disfigured the men, women and children?

Unfair system

I think the court policy of not reimbursing retired and unemployed jurors for one-day jury duty is unfair. Working folks are reimbursed by their employers. Things are tough right now for the unemployed and elderly!

Right to choose

A note to the person who lived through the Great Depression. You did exactly what should be done by those who decide they do not want to work, in your case on the WPA. “They will have it bad “ by their own choosing. That is what America is all about: the right to choose and not expect everyone else to take care of you.


A union leader making threats to Methuen city councillors for not voting for his choice of a new solicitor speaks volumes. He wants someone there who very likely will always rule in his favor. Terrible. He does not deserve to represent workers. Also, this person filed an open meeting law complaint against three councilors. Three councilors do not constitute a quorum and, therefore, there was no valid meeting.