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May 13, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — New NH motto?

I am an independent, and I will vote for a Republican or Democratic candidate depending on the person, not party affiliation. The writer of the “Mitt Ayotte” Sound Off item amazes me with the display of hate toward a group of folks just because they choose to vote a certain way because of what they believe. I guess New Hampshire is falling into line as liberals from the south move to the “Live Free or Die” state to make it the “My Way or the Highway” state. What a shame!

My 2 cents

Before the war and right up to the war, it cost 2 cents to mail a letter, and the letter carrier made two rounds a day, walking. Now it costs 46 cents, and they only make one round a day, and each carrier has his own Jeep. Could this perhaps be the reason the postal department is losing money? That’s a lot of Jeeps.

Murder vs.murder

Ariel Castro could be charged with murder because he caused the deaths of his captives’ unborn babies. How is it then that babies can be murdered every day in abortion clinics and it’’s perfectly legal?

Trash talk

The Sound Off writer complaining about Farrwood Drive streets not being repaired apparently doesn’t understand condominium rules and bylaws. All of the condo property is to be maintained by condo fees, not the city. Years ago we had a mayor who allowed trash pickup there and at other complexes. That was a big mistake. I hope the Haverhill council and current mayor will read this and stop the trash pickups at condos. The city can use the funds for better uses.

Rockingham Monument

I agree with the Sound Off caller who stated that the four Salem state representatives who do not support the casino proposal are not acting in the best interests of the residents of Salem. It would be a disaster for Salem if the proposal fell through and we ended up with Rockingham Park being developed for housing or, even worse, a huge apartment complex. The “Rock” has been an unofficial historical landmark and should be preserved. Its importance to Salem is such that to not preserve it would be the equivalent of leveling the Washington Monument then building houses on that site.

Fair warning

If the expanded bill does not pass the Legislature, the four Salem representatives who oppose it — Bick, Sytek and the Garcia sisters — will never see another of my votes. Even though I am a dedicated Republican, I will lead the fight to defeat them the next time they come up for re-election.

Watch out

Shades of the ‘20s and ‘30s. Some of the corporations want to give the workers day’s leave instead of paying them time and a half. Watch out, folks, next they will want the 48-hour week again. When the politicians speak of going forward they don’t mean to bring back these ancient rules. Also, certain people would like to break the unions. This is not going to happen. As a matter of fact, if things do not improve enough to give more people more jobs, you will see more groups organizing that never did before.