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May 14, 2013

Letter: Republicans seek political gain from ambassador's death

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — To the editor:

Still looking for a smoking gun, Republicans in Congress are not satisfied with the hearings held so far on the Benghazi tragedy, and as long as Hillary is a frontrunner, the determination to take the shine from her brilliant career will continue.

The original object of blame for the debacle was President Obama in hopes of sullying the upcoming election, but that failed. And now looking to 2016, Rand Paul, vying for the White House, said in his Iowa speech that Hillary’s handling of Benghazi “should preclude her from running for higher office.”

Losing Christopher Stevens and three other fine men is truly sad. But trying to pin the disaster on selective people, so far has only drawn blanks. Remember, in wars there are unfortunate, unpredictable circumstances. While within the purview of many government quarters, they can be difficult to coordinate in a short space of time, with unclear information and then to assign responsibility. We have lost ambassadors before in hostile actions, but their deaths were not used for political gains.

The testimony of whistleblower Gregory Hicks was supposed to expose all, but he did not make specific accusations; so much for the dashed hope that the Obama administration would be destroyed. Mike Huckabee has already predicted that President Obama will be impeached even though Obama has neither lied under oath nor illegally supported the invasion of a Republican campaign office.

I will wait to hear what all responsible sources failed to do, including the State Department, the CIA and the military. And perhaps Republicans should refrain a bit from taking advantage of an unfortunate situation and making political hay with it.

I can think of the thousands of young men who have unnecessarily given up their lives in the last 10 years and consider them all a tragedy, so let’s get on with it.

Jo Ross