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May 14, 2013

Sound Off

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---- — Squawk box

To the Sound Off caller that complained about the rooster: I would rather listen to a rooster all day than my neighbor’s outdoor radio. I have a neighbor with a rooster and a radio. I can relax with the rooster, but not with the radio on loud.

Double coverage

Between Mr. Amerding and Mr. Murock in Sunday’s paper, there is truth in print. I agree with them both that a coverup would never had been tolerated in the Bush administration. I cannot understand this country’s reticence to hold both Ms. Clinton and Mr. Obama accountable for another Sept. 11 terrorist attack. How can we put on blinders to that and become so distraught about the Boston attack? Maybe because it is too close to home?

No courage

We have two Democratic state representatives in the Methuen area who voted to increase taxes before trying to find any alternatives by “looking outside the box.” In other words “they went along to get along.” When are we going to vote for some state representatives who have some courage and will vote for the will of the people?

Riffraff residents

Our apartment complex just had the parking lots repaved and the lines repainted. It looks absolutely beautiful. The guys did an awesome job. Thanks. Now if the apartment complex can remove some of the riffraff that live here, that would be awesome.

Postal defender

To the writer of “My 2 cents”: In today’s market, it is a consumer’s bargain to mail an envelope that might travel across the country for only 46 cents. This is not the 1940s; it’s a different time with increased costs and wages. Do we really need a postal carrier to make two rounds per day? I don’t think so. As for each carrier having his or her own Jeep, I think this is known as urban sprawl. How can we expect postal carriers to deliver mail to all sections of a city or town without the necessary convenience of a Jeep? The Postal Service provides us with a great service at a bargain price. And, by the way, I’m not a postal employee.

Dot’s nice

I would love to congratulate the person who wrote the “Connecting the dots” Sound Off item. He is so right on the money. What amazes me is that Democrats cannot see or don’t want to see the evidence.


The judge is right: The man who kept three humans captive for 10 years is evil. Give him the needle. The strange part of the whole thing is why aren’t the girls traumatized. One would think that after ten years, they would be half out of their mind, if not all.

Pay attention

Time to stop politicians from ignoring the people who voted them in. Salem voted 80-plus percent in favor of a casino. If Reps. Sytek, Bick, and the Garcia sisters vote no. I will be standing right next to “Fair Warning” doing whatever I can to drive them our of office.

Historic Rock?

The Republicans know full well why they were voted into office. Are they going to come up with another solution for the eyesore that presently is Rockingham Park? Perhaps they can make it a historical site and stop all future projects in that area.