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May 20, 2013

Sound Off

Mum’s the word

Why is everything a “secret” these days? The secret to success, discover the secrets of anti-aging, the secret of dieting, the secret of healthy foods, etc. And then we have the “government” and “secret” files. The public has the right to know everything in this country! And maybe that is a contributing factor to what is wrong with society today. Ssshhhh! It’s a secret

Answers needed

It is time for both the president and attorney general to stop playing Americans as fools. They both need to answer why the IRS scandal was allowed to go on for two years - that’s 700 days, folks - and neither did anything about it. They need to answer why the attorney general thinks he can “recuse” himself from the AP scandal but not bother leaving a paper trail showing he had done so. That tells me that he did not “recuse” himself, and there is no proof that he kept his hands off the AP mess. The president needs to explain how he can go to sleep and then go campaigning when we have four dead Americans in Benghazi, then try to blame it on an Internet video - even paying taxpayer money to mount an ad campaign in Pakistan that was full of lies and weaseling. Mrs. Clinton, too, needs to explain these lies. We need answers, and we want them now - no more sniveling around and pretending that the American taxpayers are stupid!

Stealing from taxpayers

Maybe what Congress needs to do is send both President Obama and Eric Holder home with tapes of their “I don’t know” answers to the questions the American taxpayers are asking. Then they are both to return in three days with the answers to all of the questions and an explanation of why they didn’t know. We are paying these two men lots of money to do a very important job and it looks like they are not doing it. It is time there is accountability and responsibility - and maybe jail time for those who steal from the taxpayers by taking a salary and not doing what they are paid for.

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