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May 20, 2013

Editorial: Cheers and jeers for some local newsmakers

Cheers to Lawrence Fire Department Inspector Frank Skusevich, who heard an emergency call on his scanner and jumped into action to rescue a struggling 72-year-old man from the Merrimack River after the man’s canoe capsized. He had help from boater Paul Bea. Skusevich said he had been headed to a routine smoke detector inspection when his day turned into “a life or death situation.” He added, “That’s why I love this job.” You’ve got to admire -- and maybe envy -- someone who’s so quick-thinking and effective at his job and who also loves what he does.

Cheers and thank you to the members of another fire department, Gloucester’s, for rescuing our colleague, photographer Allegra Boverman of the Gloucester Daily Times, when she became stuck in tidal mud flats while shooting photos of some Fishtown striped bass fishermen last week. Allegra was wearing calf-length rubber boots as she traipsed through the mud to get the best angle for her shots. The suction as the boots sealed around her legs quickly made it impossible to move. Firefighter Dan Kennedy, another quick-thinking fire department member, doffed his shoes and socks and barefooted his way to Allegra. Thanks again, Gloucester FD.

Jeers to Jerry Connor, the erstwhile treasurer of the Londonderry Democratic Committee, for posting an online “Mother’s Day card” addressed to U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte featuring the New Hampshire Republican surrounded by the visages of children slain in the Newtown massacre. It’s fine to take issue with Ayotte’s vote against a gun control bill backed by President Obama. That’s what the democratic process is all about. But pinning the slaughter of innocents on someone who disagrees with a particular piece of legislation is the kind of vicious cheap shot that poisons the process. Compounding his lack of civility, Connor said he would not apologize until Ayotte apologized for her vote. Shame on top of shame.

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